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A lil hope story:)

Toffee_thenoob 56



idk if anybody reads this but i have nobody to talk to, after getting sick mist people turned their backs. 

after getting a severe case of cov@d in summer 2022 i developed a severe case Chronic Fatigue syndrome, its one of the worst illnesses existing, with no life quality. You guys can google it, there are a also good informative documentations out there.

Healing changes are non existent, itll get worse if i dont pace and overdo myself.

my health care system is declining a laying position electric wheelchair, and sueing will take years. 

but one angelic soul from a non profit organisation started a fundraiser yesterday and after 15 hours they gathered almost 40% of the total costs, so im rlly happy and get a spark of hope. i have a daughter and a kid on the way, and my biggest wish is to finally take a walk with her again or go to an animal park. 

so if anybody has a hard time and needs some hope in humanity today, here it is. thank you if you read thru it :) im bound to my bed for 6 months now and i only see the small part od sky from my window. I wish this for nobody. 

(I hava hard time writing since i lose the ability to control my fingers, so sorry for any spelling mistakes, i gave my best.:))

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Mr_ChanChan 2023.02.17. 22:44
I'm so sorry to hear that Toffee. I hope you get better and will walk with your kids soon. Miracles are sometimes not far away. I appreciate for sharing your story.
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"A lil hope story:)"

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